• Upload your lossless AIFFs or WAVs with -6db headroom
  • Make sure any effects/dynamics plugins are removed from master buss
  • Please provide both dry and wet stems/parts for optimal results
  • Upload an additional reference track (optional) of your sound
  • Get back a pro master, EQ'd for all distribution channels
  • Automatic consideration by A&R for signing 
  • Automatic consideration for addition to our non exclusive music library
  • See other plans for global distribution
  • Publishing, management & general guidance available


  • Global Overground will always get the best out of your audio. Additional reference tracks are incredibly useful in order to get the result you require. We will always communicate telephonically and give you options. We will also let you know if the pre-master needs alteration before final master. The finished result will be released into the world forever so our repuation's on the line too. If the shoe fits we can always help you properly promote, distribute and manage as we have with many hits and tv/film syncs around the world.